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Who Are We?

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This Podcast is a Secret

Welcome to ”This Podcast is a Secret,” where hosts Cameron and Coby dive deep into the world of conspiracies, mysteries, and all things weird. From the paranormal to cryptids, secret government programs to unexplained phenomena, join this dynamic duo as they explore the unknown with a touch of humor.
Cameron and Coby bring you captivating stories that will leave you questioning reality and pondering the mysteries that surround us. Each episode unravels a new secret, whether it’s the enigmatic world of cryptids or the shadowy corridors of government secrets.
Expect a blend of intriguing storytelling, in-depth research, and a dash of wit as the hosts navigate the realms of the unexplained. So, buckle up for a journey into the mysterious and the bizarre – because on ”This Podcast is a Secret,” every episode is an adventure into the unknown. Get ready to laugh, ponder, and explore the secrets that lurk in the shadows.
Just don’t tell anyone what you are about to hear because – This Podcast is a Secret!

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