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The Grandaddy of All Cryptids: Bigfoot

Bigfoot has been a cornerstone of the cryptid community for decades, sparking the imaginations of hunters, skeptics, and enthusiasts alike. Some seek to capture him on film, others fear the very idea of him, while many dismiss him as nothing more than folklore. Regardless of where you stand, the legend of Bigfoot continues to fascinate and mystify.

This Podcast is a Secret Episode Four The Bigfoot

Who is Bigfoot?

Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch, is described as a giant, ape-like creature that allegedly roams the forests of North America. This elusive being is often compared to the Himalayan Yeti and stands as one of the most famous cryptids in the world. Despite numerous sightings and countless stories, physical evidence remains scarce, keeping the debate about his existence alive.

Origins and Folklore

The legend of Bigfoot is deeply rooted in Native American folklore. Different tribes have their own names and stories for Bigfoot-like creatures. For example, the Sasquatch name comes from the Halkomelem word "sásq’ets," used by tribes in the Pacific Northwest. The Salish people spoke of Stiyaha or Kwi-kwiyai, nocturnal beings whose appearance heralded ominous events, while the Lummi recounted tales of Ts’emekwes, a similarly large, elusive creature. These beings are often considered part of the natural and spiritual world, revered and feared in equal measure.

The Birth of Bigfoot in Modern Culture

Humbolt County bigfoot newspaper

The modern image of Bigfoot began to take shape in 1958 when Jerry Crew, a bulldozer operator in Humboldt County, California, found large, mysterious footprints around his work site. The term "Bigfoot" was coined by a local newspaper, and the creature quickly captured the public's imagination. This incident ignited a wave of interest and speculation that continues to this day. The most famous Bigfoot sighting, captured in the 1967 Patterson-Gimlin film, shows a female Bigfoot, known as "Patty," walking through a Northern California clearing. While believers consider it strong evidence, the scientific community largely dismisses it as a hoax.

Characteristics and Habitat

Bigfoot is typically described as a massive, bipedal creature, standing up to eight feet tall and weighing over 500 pounds. Footprints attributed to Bigfoot have been measured up to 24 inches long and 8 inches wide. He is often depicted with broad shoulders, no visible neck, and long arms. Reports of nighttime sightings sometimes describe the creature’s eyes as glowing yellow or red. Bigfoot is said to inhabit remote forests and mountainous regions, particularly in the Pacific Northwest. Witnesses often claim he has a strong, unpleasant odor, earning him the nickname "Skunk Ape."

The Paranormal Bigfoot

Theories about Bigfoot's origins and nature vary widely, ranging from the plausible to the downright bizarre.

Interdimensional Being

One of the more exotic theories suggests that Bigfoot could be an interdimensional being capable of slipping between different dimensions. Proponents of this idea argue that this capability could explain why Bigfoot sightings are so fleeting and why there has never been any conclusive physical evidence found. This theory often cites strange lights, sudden drops in temperature, electronic disturbances, and an eerie silence in the environment, which could be indicative of dimensional shifts.


Some ufologists and fringe theorists speculate that Bigfoot could be an alien species left on Earth or visiting from another planet. This theory is often linked to UFO sightings, suggesting that Bigfoot’s elusiveness could be explained by advanced extraterrestrial technology. Reports of Bigfoot appearing alongside strange lights or unidentified flying objects have fueled this idea. Proponents also argue that Bigfoot’s supposed abilities, such as disappearing or evading detection, might be attributed to alien technology.

Government Experiment Gone Awry
bigfoot made by government experiment

A more conspiratorial view is that Bigfoot is the result of secret government or military experiments. These experiments could involve genetic engineering, behavioral modification, or attempts to create super-soldiers, resulting in a creature with the characteristics attributed to Bigfoot. Supporters of this theory point to sightings near military bases and restricted areas, suggesting a possible government cover-up. The lack of concrete evidence despite numerous sightings could be attributed to government efforts to conceal the existence of these experiments.

Supernatural Abilities

Various myths and legends have attributed extraordinary abilities to Bigfoot, such as mind control, telepathy, and invisibility. Some researchers propose that Bigfoot can communicate through telepathy or "mindspeak," transferring emotions and thoughts. Reports of mind control, where individuals feel an overwhelming sense of fear or are compelled to leave an area, add to this theory. Additionally, some believe that Bigfoot can cloak itself, becoming invisible to the human eye, which could explain why it is so difficult to capture on camera.

Our Bigfoot Documentary

Our fascination with Bigfoot led us to create the documentary "The Bigfoot," available on Amazon Prime Video and YouTube. We spent several months conducting research and hunting for evidence of the Sasquatch. Our journey took us to various locations, including the High Uintas of Utah, where we set up trail cameras and explored areas known for Bigfoot sightings. One particularly eerie night near Spirit Lake Lodge, we ventured out with headlamps and machetes, hoping for a glimpse of the creature. Although we didn't encounter Bigfoot directly, the experience deepened our appreciation for the mystery and the many stories that surround him.

Modern Encounters and Cultural Impact

Bigfoot continues to capture the public's imagination, with modern encounters and stories regularly emerging. From hilarious accounts like Albert Ostman's tale of being abducted by a Sasquatch family in 1924 to more recent sightings near Mount St. Helens, the legend persists. Bigfoot has also made a significant impact on popular culture, featuring in movies, television shows, commercials, and video games. Films like "The Legend of Boggy Creek" and comedies like "Harry and the Hendersons" highlight the diverse ways Bigfoot is portrayed, from terrifying monster to gentle giant.

The Ongoing Mystery

For many, Bigfoot represents more than just a mythical creature. He embodies the mystery and allure of the unknown. Whether Bigfoot is a real, undiscovered species or simply a product of our imaginations, the legend continues to thrive. The countless sightings, stories, and cultural references ensure that Bigfoot remains an enduring figure in the world of cryptids.

My favorite thing about Bigfoot is the nostalgia it brings. Growing up with stories from my grandpa and dad, spending summers in the High Uintas, and loving movies like "Harry and the Hendersons" have made Bigfoot feel like a real possibility to me. Whether he's out there roaming the mountains or simply a figment of our collective imagination, the legend of Bigfoot continues to captivate us all.

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